6 Unique Social Media Posts to Improve Your Content Marketing

With almost a whopping 3 billion active users, we can strong agree that your customers are on social media. More consumers are using these networks than ever before to engage and connect with their favorite brands. In fact, one-third of millenials actually prefer to communicate with businesses via social (Source: Business2Community).

Therefore, it’s crucial that you optimize your social media posts so it attracts your desired audience, engages your followers, and keeps your brand “top of mind”. The more people like, comment, share, and click on your social content, the better success you’ll achieve out of your content marketing strategy.

So how do you create social media content that captures attention and gets users engaged in your posts? Here are 6 different ideas to implement in your social strategy to improve your overall content marketing.

#1 Your Remarkable Blog Posts

Your business blog is a huge asset to your content marketing. It brings visibility to your brand in search, positions you as an expert in your industry, and gives your followers information and education. It is at the heart of the inbound way.

Sharing your blog posts on your social networks is an excellent way to offer value to your followers. When posting your blog article, be sure that when people click on the image that it directs to the actual blog post. Highlight benefits readers will gain from indulging in your content.

To increase productivity, use a social media management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your blog content to post in advance.

#2 Social Videos

Did you know that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined? Videos have an amazing way of capturing attention and moving people to action. Social videos are taking newsfeeds by storm, generating tons of engagement.

Videos also give you the opportunity to appeal to different preferences and learning styles amongst your followers. Although some may enjoy your images and text content, others are more likely to engage in your videos. Offering multiple ways for users to digest your content helps you reach a larger audience.
Amplify your social media marketing with video by using the following ideas:

  • Answer common questions typically asked by prospects and followers. Create a short video for each inquiry, expanding on the topic
  • Product demonstrations make for great video content, showing buyers the features, benefits, and how it works
  • Expand on a recent blog article


#3 Customer Testimonials

An incredible 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. This is huge. Positive testimonials quickly build trust and show that what you’re doing is working. Posting customer’s experiences with your products and services will prove to doubting prospects that they can achieve similar results.

Repost user-generated content or content created by your customers that mention your product or brand in their post. Make a commitment to collect more of your client’s testimonials and reviews to share on your website, landing pages, email content and, of course, on social media.

This method alone can skyrocket your content marketing and social media presence.

#4 Live-Streaming Videos

People are spending 3 times longer watching live video versus prerecorded ones (Source: Social Media Today). Tools like Facebook Live, Periscope, and Instagram Stories are making it easy for brands to genuinely connect with their followers in real-time. Followers are loving the intimate experiences live-streaming offers that allow them to truly to get to know their favorite brands.

Improve your content marketing by going live! Host Q&A sessions to stem engagement from followers. Report breaking news, giving your spin on the details. Or take your viewers backstage showing how you do business.

The point is, get creative, inviting your social followers into your world!

#5 Inspirational Content

Everyone wants to be inspired and motivated to action. Image quotes are a big hit on social media for this very reason. It also reveals your values and what moves your team to get up and go every morning.

Share quotes that exude your brand’s meaning and personality on social media. Keep it simple by using the same template for your image quotes. Canva is an easy image editing tool for designing your template and adding your text.

Make inspirational content a daily post in your social media marketing.

#6 Surveys, Questions, and Polls

Asking questions is a great method to fostering engagement from your audience. People love giving their opinion and insight on topics they have personal experience with. It generates buzz on your business pages and compels people to keep coming back to see others’ responses.

When sharing your survey or poll on social media, always consider the platform you’re posting to. For example, Facebook and Instagram are more friends and family oriented. However, since LinkedIn is a more professional environment, it’s important to tailor you post so it aligns with the platform’s culture.

You should actually keep this in mind when posting any content on your various social channels.


Honing your content marketing with compelling social media posts helps improve brand awareness and engagement with your followers. Use these ideas to enhance your content marketing and social strategy.

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