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Your website is your business’s online identity. A good design creates a positive impression on your potential customers. Let us worry about your online image, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

A new approach
with Seredan
Every project starts by describing the need and the desired end result. This important step gets everyone aimed at the same goal.
Armed with your information and goals, we add our creative expertise to produce your new online image.
We work to ensure a smooth launch for your new website, whether you host it with us or someone else.
Who We Are

Seredan Design is a husband and wife web development team in Cleburne, TX. We enjoy working side by side, using our skills in programming and design to create great web experiences for our customers. Creative people usually aren’t the best high pressure salespeople, and we’re no exception. We’d rather educate you about the importance of good web design than push something unnecessary on you.

Nathan Bowyer
Application Creator

I’ve been involved with web design dating back to what I’d call the Internet dark ages, when blinking text and links or javascript alerts drove people to the brink. Design and technology have come a long way since then, and I’ve been using those ever-changing skills to build custom web applications and sites that fit a client’s individual needs.
More recently I’ve been involved with cloud-based services and mobile application development for Apple’s iOS devices.

Genia Bowyer
Web Designer

I’m the creative spark behind Seredan. My interests in creativity started back as a teenager. As I got older my interest in the creative world took me into marketing. I have a passion for working with someone’s concept or design idea and making it into a creative reality. With that creativity comes my drive for perfection; I’m always trying to push myself. When I’m not working, I’m running around with our two wonderful children. You might happen to hear them playing in the background when we talk on the phone.


What we offer
We use modern web technologies and practices to create a custom website tailored to you and your industry. Our designs are quick, mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
We offer hassle-free hosting exclusively for our customers. Our solution offers 99.95% uptime, regular backups and 24 hour monitoring. Let us give your new website a great home.
The demand for mobile user interfaces and applications has never been higher. If your need is best expressed through a mobile app, we can craft that experience.
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